ثناخوانِ تقدیسِ مغرب – اوریا مقبول جان


  1. Zeeshan

    No doubt this explains the west nowadays. I am a witness to it. West never collapse because of rule of law, this is what Pakistan needs at the moment.

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  2. ruqia abbasi

    excellent bilkul drust kaha ap nay bus in logon ki ankhain khulnay ma kuch wakt baki ha

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    • Talha

      ANdhon ki ankhain kabhe nahen khula karteen masoom insan. Yeh asay andhay hain k jan boojh kar dekhna he nahen chahtay asa nahen k inki ankhon per kisi nai koi patti bandhi hoi ho.

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  3. Qasim Baloch Jetli

    Awesome. absolutely obviously right. Really appreciating lines =)

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  4. kabir

    They do blame on Pakistan.. bcz they got money for all this. Sir

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  5. kashif

    sir very good answer… khubsurat ko sab khubsurat nazr ata he aur bdsurat ko sab BDSURAT
    jo jesa he wo sab ko wesa hi samjta he

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  6. kashif

    sir very good answer… khubsurat ko sab khubsurat nazr ata he aur bdsurat ko sab BDSURAT
    jo jesa he wo sab ko wesa hi samjta hai

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  7. sobia

    well said sir….bht takleef hoty hai aisay log tv pr bayth kr pakistan islam k baray main jab aisi batain krtay hain….hassan nisar ko chahiye k wo yhan say tashreef lay jaye america jahan k wo guun gata rehta hai jin ka culture uss ko pasand hai

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    • Junaid

      Yeh ho jay to bahut hi acha hai . . . .

      kuch log Afghanistan jyen gay orea sb k sath . . .
      kuch iran k liay hijrat karain gay.
      kuch saudia jyn gay..
      kuch west jyn . . .

      aur jo pakistani bach jye gay sukoon k sath rahain gay ;)

      I lv my pakistan

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  8. مرزا اظہر بیگ

    ماشا ء اللہ ، اوریا جان مقبول صاحب آپ نے جہاد بالقلم کا اور جہاد بل لسان کا جو حق ادا کیا ہوا ہے اللہ اس پر آپ کو اجرعظیم عطا فرمائے۔ آمین۔ بالکل آپ نے ٹھیک فرمایا ہمارے میڈیا کے اکثریت اوقات اور اکثریت پروگرام بس پاکستان اور امت مسلمہ کے کسی نا کسی طرح تذلیل کا باعث بنتے ہیں۔ ہمارے چینل پاکستانی نہیں بلکہ مکمل طور پر ہندوستان اور یورپ کی نقالی میں لگے ہوئے ہیں ۔

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  9. mokaram khan

    BE hoshii ke halat mai banda kuch be boll leta hai…Allah sabko sharab ke nashyy se dorr rakain..ameen,,,

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    Respected Oriya Sahib,
    You are very right, all this the fact here in American society. This is also very true, we are not thankful of Allah, on all blessing showering continuously on our country.

    I am always astonish to see that , here in America, we all live together, we just happy to c the person of our country and we ever thanks to Allah, beyond that he is Shia, Sunni, or what ever ir is.


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  11. Muaaz

    bilkul thek kaha ap ny ab to india mey b aorton ka yahe hal ho raha hao behoda filmz unka mashra tbah kr rahi hain

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  12. Amir Gillani

    Long live Pakistan….

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  13. Sardar Naseem

    Really true

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  14. javed iqbal

    bhoht acha ha maghr ham awam sab janta huwa be in namm nahad danashwaroo ko sar pe bathaya rakhta hen jo peny ka baghr baat be nahe kar saktay allahham ko aur in logow ko hedayat da aameen

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  15. ahmad hamdi

    iqbal farmaty hai….

    “shaikh sahib b to pardy ke koi hami nahi…
    moft ma college ke larrke unse badzan hogay…

    waaz ma farma diya kal aap ny he’s saaf saaf…
    parda akhir kis se ho jab mard he zan ho gay…”
    maghrib parasto ke khudawandaan ……. zir e tegh e orya sahb


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  16. Abid Hussain

    Thanks Orya Sahib, It is better if you send this to Hasan Nisar because i watch so many program, his speeches are same, How i can ask from him what is contribution of these type of people to build our Nation

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  17. Qadeer Altaf

    Sir, Hassan Nisar Sahib Ko Dedicate karne ka bohat shukria

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  18. shahid tabraiz

    Sir g wah outstanding ..ap ka ishara hasan nisar ke taraf ha…bilkul wo asa he karty han…..jazak allha

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  19. khalid shaik

    if it is good in our country then why our country is not develop like other where is the key for our country to develop i think in our country still we are not one nation believe you if you ask to any pakistani in other country where from you he will give you answer punjab,kpk,sindh and many have use his city name why i don’t know i think first is education problem and other is our political system because still we are voting according brotheri or community system will you agree thatswhy still we are stay only one station because dont know where we want to go

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  20. asif rasheed

    thanks orrayya maqbool sb, ALLAH appp kee ummer or ellm main barkit daa ammeen

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  21. Junaid


    West is totally wrong.
    But if something like this happens in country Mr. Orea should condemn that also rather then justifying that by blaming other countries.

    he blaming other countries on that time when a 7 months girl is raped in nankana sahib, pakistan.

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  22. Usman Shah

    I`ve been to america for 3 months…..lekin woh 3 maah mene kitni mushkil se guzaray ALLAH knows better…apna mulkapna hi hota hai..
    the only thing that impressses me is the regulation of law..they have strict laws who r preventing there collapse ..otherwise the kind of culture they have is really misleading..
    i`m proud of my country

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  23. Adel

    Western countries and Pakistani media always shows that there are world biggest number of searches for sex sites on Google in Pakistan…………but the irony is that they never tell the world who is making those porn sites and why …

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  24. Waqar Ali Siddiqui

    Sir Danishwaron se apki muraad Hassan Nisar tu nahin hain…?
    kher agar wo b hain tu ap ne kuch ghalat tu nahin kaha hai….

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  25. Bilal

    Dear Sir, you may be right, but there are crimes in Pakistan and people are “bay-hiss”. In west there is some kind of “Law”, police arrive in 10-mitnutes and they actually take action whereever they can. In Pakistan might is right, no justice for poor. My aut was killed 10-years ago. The killer was arrested (due to family’s efforts not police), but the killer was set free by court. So stop BS the west, and try to correct your country. Closing eyes does not make it better. In our street, young boys are taken by older guys and rapped, nobody bother to report as nothing is going to happen. In west if you report then most likely you get justice.

    About Islamic history? Should we go to Hazrat Umer for justice? Why beating the Islamic History. We need correction in THIS society, so open your eyes and see the plight of people, please.

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    • Mohammed Ahmed

      “This society” which you are pointing time and again in your comment has been formed in the name of “ALLAH” and “Rasool” SAW. The forefathers of Pakistan convinced the then nation that the only solution to get rid of the plight of that time (which was Hindu and British domination) is to possess a separate piece of land in the name of Islam and Muslim. Had Islam and Sharia been implemented since the inception of Pakistan we would not be seeing this mess. So stop BS yourself and others by crying over spilt milk and participate actively in the revival of the Shariah in this country whether politically, economically or militarily. That’s the only solution.

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  26. Abdul Razzaq

    I am agree with Mr.Orya Maqbool Jan and satisfy on this Column.

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  27. Shoaib

    Kabhi Pani pilane par jhagra, kabhi ghora agy dorany peh jaghra. I read this in youth, they say such was the state, have we changed Orya sb. Iqbal says” in mashriq ke matwaloon ka dil maghrib myn ja atka hy, wahaan ke kantar sab bilori hyn, yahaan pe ik purana matka hy”. This is for them.

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  28. adeel maqsood

    very good sir keep it up lekin yeh cheez hamari fouj ko kyn nazar nai aati wo koi action kyn nai letay ya phir wo bhi ghaflat ki neend so rahay hain

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  29. adeel maqsood

    plz reply i m waiting

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  30. aamir

    good one

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  31. Zaka Ullah

    IQBAL exellently analyzed the WEST and said:

    Chehra Roshan Andaron “Changaiz” say tareek tar… !!

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  32. lbm

    ap bhi to taluban ke tareefen krte hn,do u have ever regret on their crimes?

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  33. safdar

    It’s true
    Lekn hmare log to apne khlaf sboot akhty kr k kud hi kush ho rhe hote hen

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  34. Amjad Saeed

    Love you Sir JI

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  35. hajra khan

    bilkul theak.

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