How to Come up With an Assignment or Homework Topic for Your Essay

What Makes Up a Assignment Topic?

Most students are not seasoned writers, yet they will submit plagiarized essays if they are unsure of what to include. Homework refers to types of homework assignments given to students to utilize their time and skills to come up with an answer or topic. Besides, how can you learn or write if you do not research or have not thought about the topic?

As a student, you need to have a topic that intrigues you. Consider following these questions:

  • Do I have something interesting to write about?
  • Do I have a problem to solve or other topics that need writing about?
  • Is my topic correct and clear?

Have a clear topic that will appeal to readers. Writing a topic that a reader cannot fathom is not easy. Keep your topic narrow and focused. You may also feel some inspiration from a previously read article or even a book.

You may feel ready to start writing your essay when you consider the following elements:

Picking a Topic

The next step is to select a topic. You need to come up with a topic that you are interested in while avoiding things you already have plenty of time for. Consider the following:

Factors That Limit Topic Selection

Many students procrastinate by picking topics that seem narrow and enjoyable. However, this can come off as a strategy of procrastination. Create a list of issues that are not on your to-do list to avoid making such decisions. After all, you only have a few weeks to come up with a good topic.

Uniqueness of Topic

You should not dwell too much on uniqueness when choosing a topic. After all, you will only pick one, and it will not be very exciting. However, you should be careful not to select a topic that is too similar to another subject. The net is vast and every topic is intriguing.

A Questionable Topic

Your topic should not be a trivial topic. What makes up for a poor topic is to narrow it. Ask yourself, is my topic unique and worthwhile? Choose a topic that will help you move forward with your writing.

How to Come Up With an Ideal Topic

As a student, you may already have a topic to choose from. However, choosing a subject is a time-consuming process. How do you come up with one without constant research? You may need to do some brainstorming to get the best topic for your essay. These elements will help you choose a topic that is not too broad or too narrow.

Uniqueness of Topic

A topic that is too similar to other topics or redundant will bore the reader. Therefore, consider the following factors:

  1. Is the topic interesting and valuable to the reader?
  2. Does the topic relate to the research you have done?
  3. Is the topic a long term one?

Identifiable Topical Topic

When trying to come up with an appealing topic, you need to consider the similarities between the two. Is there a unique aspect of the topic that connects it to other topics? When trying to come up with an excellent topic, take a few days and come up with a suitable match.


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